It is not their meat nor their blood that reaches Allah; it is your piety that reaches Him. [Quran 22:37]

Sacrifice in Makkah.

Sacrifice for Hajj

1The sacrifice performed on Eid Al-Adha by those performing Hajj is known as Hadi. For those pilgrims performing Hajj Qiran or Hajj Tammattu sacrificing an animal is Wajib. For those performing Hajj Ifrad it is recommended.


Sacrifice for New Born

2Aqeeqah is an Arabic word originally derived from the key word ‘aq’ which means to cut and shred. The occasion is associated with ‘cutting’ because the child’s head is shaved on the 7th day after birth.


Sacrifice for Eid

3Offering Udhiyah (also known as Qurbani) is one of the great rituals of Islam, by which we remember the Oneness of Allah, His blessings upon us and the obedience of our father Ibrahim, peace be upon him, to his Lord.


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4Many in the West can’t offer ritual sacrifices on auspicious occasions such as Eid due to restrictions placed by local laws. We arrange the sacrifice of animals in the holy land of Makkah thus helping Muslims fulfil their obligations.

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